Rosario Wolters: Abundance at The Table

Episode 003 Rosario Wolters EPISODE ART.jpg

“People are happy to be invited, so just relax. Be present. Enjoy your food and your company.” 

“Food is to be tasted and enjoyed, and the table is to be shared.” 

Rosario Wolters, a former pastry chef, discusses how her mom’s generosity and creativity in the kitchen, while living on food stamps, inspired her love of food and belief in the abundance of the table—that when you share food, food and love will be returned to you. Rosario recounts her journey through culinary school and working in Chicago restaurants, including meeting her husband (also a chef) during her first internship. Rosario reminds listeners of the importance of inviting people to our homes, being present and enjoying the company rather than worrying about having the best food or the cleanest house.

Episode Credits:

Produced by Kelly Dolan and Matt Troup

Music by Matt Troup 

Additional Equipment provided by Justin Campbell

Kelly Dolan